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Solid and compact MDF structure: The whole football table is composed of high-quality MDF, and the two supporting legs on the same side are reinforced by an iron pipe, making the whole football table more stable.

Multifunctional and practical game table: Our football game table is equipped with a scoreboard to record the scores of both sides of the game. On both sides of the game table, we intimately equip you with cup holders, allowing you to play while playing Stay hydrated.

Perfect play design: After the product is assembled, you can see a total of 8 rows, 4 rows per team, 11 players in total. Please pay attention to the position of the players. You can refer to the instructions provided by us and the pictures displayed. To complete the arrangement.

Ergonomic joystick: The joystick has a non-slip grip, which can ensure that the player’s operation is not affected, so that the game is more smooth, let’s fight!

Quality Assurance: When you receive the product, please check whether the product is damaged or there are missing components. If you find the above problems, please contact us as soon as possible.

With a foosball table, you can spend a pleasant parent-child time with your children, whether indoors or in the yard, it is a very good place to play. Hope our products can bring happiness and satisfaction to you and your family!

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