Custom Battery Cables with your choice of cable color, length and connectors:

These high quality battery cables have been constructed from UL listed extra flexible copper battery cables. These battery cables feature a pure electrolytic fine stranded copper conductor with electroplated tin on each strand to prevent corrosion. The cable is UL listed as UL1426 Boat Cable which features a waterproof jacket, oil and gas resistance as well at a 105C temperature rating.

These cables are GREAT for many purposes including:
Marine Battery Cables
Electric Vehicle Battery Cables
Golf Cart Battery Cables
Solar Battery Bank Cables
Power Inverter Cables
RV Battery Cables
…and this wire exceeds the automotive SGT wiring specifications as well so it’s great for automotive and motorcycles as well.

The amperage for your installation is governed by where you install the wire but here are the ratings for under 50V as specified by the ABYC (which also matches the NEC recommended ratings for single conductors in free air at 600V or less with 105C jacket and 30C ambient air temperature)

6 AWG 120 AMPS Continuous
4 AWG 160 AMPS Continuous
2 AWG 210 AMPS Continuous
1 AWG 245 AMPS Continuous
1/0 AWG 285 AMPS Continuous
2/0 AWG 330 AMPS Continuous
4/0 AWG 445 AMPS Continuous

Cable Sizing Help:

The nominal outside diameter of our cables are as follows:
6 AWG is 0.330 inch

4 AWG is 0.400 inch
2 AWG is 0.460 inch
1 AWG is 0.540 inch
1/0 AWG is 0.563 inch
2/0 AWG is 0.648 inch
4/0 AWG is 0.797 inch

Our cables are VERY flexible and durable, designed to last!

The cables feature tin plated copper lugs and tin plated copper battery terminals known for their high quality and great electrical properties, increased corrosion resistance.Cable is cut to specified length then terminals are added which adds a nominal length. All cables are double crimped with the Correct Connect crimp tool as specified by The Manufaturer to be used on their lugs and terminals. We also apply ADHESIVE LINED HEAT SHRINK tubing to the ends to seal out any air or moisture from the connection.

We have been making these and other high quality cables for 10 years, we’ve made 10’s of thousands, from end users to telecommunication companies.

Please understand these cables are MADE IN THE USA and are UL listed meaning the manufacturer has been inspected and complies with quality standards for the wire. The cables are made of PURE ELECTROLYTIC COPPER and not copper clad aluminum like many other cheap alternatives. The problem with copper clad aluminum is aside from not meeting the specifications for most installations, the aluminum is rated to handle much less electrical current than copper conductors.

You will not have to worry, our cable is COPPER and features electro tin plating on each strand of copper to keep it from corroding and turning green or black from oxidation.

With all the wire and connectors we stock we can make many styles so be sure to checkout our ebay store if you need something different from the cables in this listing. We have a custom cable section in our ebay store which may be what you are looking for.

The cables are listed in single quantity with multiple options.

  • You simply choose the color from the drop down list,
  • then select the length you need,
  • and finally the configuration for the connectors.

The connectors are sized to fit a particular stud or screw size so a 5/16″ lug will fit a 5/16″ stud etc

Add your selected item to the cart and go back and repeat if you need additional styles of cables. You may order more than one particular cable by changing the quantity from “1” to however many of that cable you need and then adding to your cart.

Please feel free to message us with any questions.

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Fine Stranded Copper (tinned to prevent corrosion)


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