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A variety of massage options: Our Shiatsu folding massage chair provides three different ranges of upper back, lower back, and full back massages. You can massage the corresponding parts according to your needs. In addition, we provide a Demo button. Provide you with a 5-minute quick massage, which can quickly help you relieve fatigue.

Heating module: The four massage heads of the folding massage chair have the function of infrared light heating, which can locally heat up your back according to the up and down movement of the massage heads, so as to relieve your waist and back pain.

Lightweight and portable: This lightweight and portable chair can be unfolded at any time to enjoy a relaxing Shiatsu massage, and can be folded very compactly for convenient storage anywhere.

Adjustable backrest: Simple adjustment method. When you need to adjust the angle of the backrest, you only need to lift the two armrests and then stretch them forward and backward to adjust to different angles.

Quality Assurance: The product power adapter is UL certified, which is safer and more secure. The maximum support is 330pounds. If there is any problem with the product, please contact us as soon as possible.

The portable folding massage chair can bring you a more comfortable experience at home. First of all, it is easy to move, unlike a large massage chair, which is more difficult to move. You can have a massage experience anytime and anywhere where there is a socket, and the entire back massage range , Can better help you relieve back pain, the built-in infrared light heating module can make you more relaxed, and the Timer button on the remote control can increase the massage time by 1 minute each time you press it

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