Extreme Duty heavy wall power lugs are tinned copper closed end lugs, ideal for keeping environmental conditions out of your cable connection. The tinned copper provides excellent corrosion resistance and conductivity and is fully annealed to prevent cracking during installation and while in service. These lugs are ideal for high power cable connections where maximum conductivity is desired. The power lugs are ideal for battery applications, especially in the marine environment where tinned closed end lugs are preferred.These lugs are sized for flexible stranded cable AWG gauge sizes and are ideal for use on welding cable, battery cable, MTW, portable cord styles SC, Type W, DLO etc. The stud sizes available refer to the threaded post or stud to which you are attaching so a lug indicated as 5/16 would go on a 5/16 inch stud etc. For those needing metric conversion on common metric stud sizes you can use a 5/16 lug on M8 and a 3/8 lug will fit M10.

Extreme Duty Power Lug specification sheet (click link below…will open in a new window):
– detailed specifications of the lugs

-Tin plated, Electrolytic Tough Pitch(ETP) CDA-110, ASTM-B-152 copper, rated at 100% conductivity
-Thicker copper than traditional lugs for maximum conductivity
-No exposed seams

Assembly Instructions:
Can be crimped or soldered

For your reference cable sizes go from smaller to larger:
Gauge refers to the wire size and often referred to as AWG (pronounced gauge but refers to American Wire Gauge)
6 AWG – crimp die BLUE K-K
4 AWG – crimp die GRAY J-H
1 AWG – 2 AWG – crimp die PINK H-H

1/0 AWG (0 AWG) – crimp die BLACK E-A

2/0 AWG (00 AWG) – crimp die ORANGE A-C
3/0 AWG (000 AWG) – crimp die PURPLE A-B
4/0 AWG (0000 AWG) – crimp die YELLOW A-A

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Lug Material

Copper (Tin Plated)


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